Fire Department

The first Fayal Fire Department was headquarted in Fayal location, which was annexed into the City of Eveleth. This picture was printed in the Eveleth News Clarion on March 1, 1945 with a caption that read:

READY FOR ACTION is this crew manning the first chemical fire engine purchased by the Town of Fayal. In the above picture it is all decorated out for the 1908 Fourth of July celebration. The picture was taken in front of the Dr. Harwood residence, now occupied by the P.V. Burgett family. From left to right are: John T. Johns, Charles Adams, on the truck are Drive Tom Trevarrow and Ferdinand Rutherford; standing beside the truck are Fred Williams and Arthur Cramer.

The 1986 Fayal Volunteer Fire Department and truck, consisting of members:

Standing – Frank Pavelich, Jr., Lt. Ron Beldo, Assistant Chief Nick Domiano, Chief Steve Kniefel, Captain Bob Pratt Sr., Mike Pavelich, Al Jurenic, Gary Gornik, Bob Pratt Jr., George Sedgeman.

Kneeling – Robbi Ochis, Don Adamson, Darold Russell, Jim Kochar, Bernie Grahek, Randy Conner, Ron Braski, Steve Shykes.

Missing- Les Pernu, Nels Myklebust, Al Peterson, Dave Pontinen.

Engine 91, currently in use by the Fayal Fire Dept





Here are the Fire Department Meeting Minutes